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About the photographer

My passion for equine photography started from my great love for horses. I started riding horses at the age of 12 and as many others out there fell in love with them right away. Their grace, spirit and power is what inspires my photography.

I started my photography career as a show photographer at local Show Jumping competitions. This experience and friendship with a number of professional riders gave me a great understanding of what riders need from photographer and how to capture horses at their best. After finishing my Master's Degree in Journalism and Publishing in 2010 I decided to follow her passion for photography and got to work with great Russian Portrait Photographer Dmitry Ageev who taught me the beauty and uniqueness of Portrait Photography Experience.

My photos have been published in magazines on numerous occasions in Russia as well as worldwide. My 10+ years of experience of working with horses as well as education in Publishing and Photography helps me to create stunning show pictures, loved by both riders and magazines.

But my true passion is capturing Horses In Action, when they are playing and having fun, showing their incredible grace, power and spirit. As well as taking pictures of Horses and their People, capturing not just a picture of the horse but unique moments between horse and owner.

I am now working as a professional horse photographer in San Francisco Bay Area, performing all kinds of horse related photosessions like Horse and Human, Fine Art Horse Portraits and promotional photoshoots for Horse Sales Ads as well as Horse Show Photography.

2013 Awarded two 3rd places by International Horse Photography Contest, Equifoto, Moscow, Russia
2013 Moving to US
2011-2012 Studio assistant with Dmitry Ageev, Krasnodar, Russia
2010 SchoolPhotoArts, Krasnodar, Russia
2009 Awarded by Equine Ideal Photo Contest, USA
2008 Gabriel Boiselle Workshop, Moscow, Russia
2006-2009 Photographer/Journalist at Russian Horse Magazine "Hippomania"
2005 Started Photographing local Show jumping competitions

Artist Statement

"Unfortunately, horse's life is much shorter than human. And even besides this fact sometimes we have to say our goodbuys to our 4-leg friends. I want to help horse lovers to create and preserve memories of their horses. There's no such thing as not important memory. Every second together counts. You spend your best moments of life with your horse, you share triumphs and failures, you share the quiet moments alone. I want to capture these moments and preserve it in a beautiful, eye-catching and magazine-style pictures that you will be able to enjoy every day!"